How to stop sweating

My name is Shelly Michaels, I am a 36 year old nurse from Flint Michigan.

On this web-site I review a number of different solutions which I have applied in order to fight my excessive sweat problems.

I want to start by apologizing to the regular visitors and people that have previously bookmarked this web-site. Previously I had published the full reprint of my favorite report (Stop Sweating Start Living) which I had purchased a year ago and which helped me get rid of my sweat problem once and for all.

Unfortunately I was contacted by the owner of the report and almost got into some major legal problems. I come from a medical field where this information is shared amongst peers so it came as a surprise to me, but as the author explained he spent a great deal of time and research on this and was not willing to give it away for free. Thankfully he knows that I had only good things to say about the report so he let me off with a warning and a ceased and deceased notification (for which I am very grateful).

Excessive sweating is a problem with which we are very familiar. It's especially dangerous in my work field, since I have to manipulate small objects which require precision. On the other hand it is very embarrassing and I've had the worst of it. I have excessive sweat coming from the palms of my hands, underarms and feet. They sweat stains were a constant hassle, the dry cleaning bills were ridiculous and before shaking anyone's hand I would automatically wipe them on my clothes (and tell strangers that I just washed my hands).

Even now that I got rid of the problem it remains a sort of a nervous tick which I can't get rid of. Probably the worst part of the problem was the psychological factor. I would start stressing about the sweat and the more nervous I got the more sweat my body produced.

It was like a vicious circle - you never know how you got in it, but once you did it in never stopped.

The thing that pushed me to find a solution was my husband. I always felt very self conscious when we were holding hands, he told me that it did not bother him, but it bothered me a whole lot. So I went online and dedicated 4 months of my life to researching a solution for this very debilitating condition.

Below is the result of my finding, I have marked them with stars for your convenience:

Sweat Block (SB)

One of my friends recommended it saying that it works for face and forehead. I was a bit skeptical. On the product description it says specifically "for armpits only". I gave it a try and applied it on my forehead. The product dries up very quickly after application. The result was pretty surprising. There was no sweat appearing on neither the center of my forehead (right beneath the hairline) nor on the cheeks. Basically my face remained dry. At one point we were at a place where it was getting hot. I noticed my cheeks getting red, but the sweat still didn't come through. The only thing I don't like is the fact they include only 8 packages in a box...

Stop Sweating Start Living

This report had such a cheesy name in the beginning that I wasn't too sure about buying it. But my cousin who also had a big sweat problem swore by it. I decided to try it, since it had a money back guarantee and is very inexpensive. The report turned out to be the only real solution that worked. It works breaking a certain element in the sympathetic nervous system's chain. Without that element your body cannot produce the vast amounts of foul smelling liquids and the problem goes away. I was surprised how easy it was to implement this method. It's been several months and I'm sweating like a normal person. It's a real relief to finally be able to go out in public wearing white and not seeing the horrible sweat stains all over the clothing. It's a real confidence booster as well. I'm very grateful to my cousin and to this report, I recommend it to all my friends and family who have the sweating problem.


I didn't really like this product. There are several things which need major improvement. First of all the product is specialized for people that have excessively sweaty feet or hands. If you wanted to use it on your armpits you would need to buy special add-ons (ka-ching!). Another big minus is the lengthy and painful procedure itself, during which a low current of electricity passes through your body and clogs up your sweat glands. The effect is only temporary and then you're back to sweating. Probably the biggest minus of them all was the fact that you had to buy batteries directly from the manufacturer and they are pretty expensive. I give this product 1 star. Don't get me wrong it does stop sweat by blocking glands on sweating feet, but it's too painful and temporary to be taken as a serious solution. But hey if you are a big fan of electricity and don't mind the lengthy procedures, you should try it.